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Wedding Bands in Edinburgh

Nobody sells more live bands for Weddings in Edinburgh than us. Our nations capital is a hot bed of musical talent and we're proud to represents the best wedding entertainers from Edinburgh and East Lothian

Our bands are regulars at Edinburgh's most glittering wedding venues. Please find below just some of the venues we regularly provide entertainment for

Norton House Hotel, The Caves, The Bonham Hotel, Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh Castle

As award winning experts in our field, we're ideally equipped to help you find the perfect band for your big day. As a family run business nobody cares more about the success of your big days than us 

We can offer free, impartial advice from an award winning team of entertainment experts and help you find the perfect live entertainment for your big day.

You can audition all our acts online. Most of our acts have live video media, mp3's, current set list, customer reviews. You can also get instant date and price checks and book your chosen entertainer with a low deposit on our cutting edge website 

Three Card Trick View Full Profile >

Three Card Trick

(87 Reviews)

It seems like yesterday that I walked through the doors of the Clutha Vaults pub in Glasgow and saw 3 scruffy young guys rocking everybody socks off..

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The Rox View Full Profile >

The Rox

(44 Reviews)

OK folks...This is the big one! The ROX are maybe the best band we have ever heard... and I mean ever! The band are fronted by one of the UK's best vo

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The Big Papas View Full Profile >

The Big Papas

(39 Reviews)

Pound for pound one of the very best cover bands to hit the market in years. The Big Papas have a unique line up, sound and appearance. With the addit

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Velvet Noir View Full Profile >

Velvet Noir

(39 Reviews)

Would you like a band that's musically exceptional, has STUNNING male and female vocals, is effortlessly cool and contemporary, has a massive repertoi

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Los Perros View Full Profile >

Los Perros

(81 Reviews)

Introducing Los Perros, the most pre-sold band in the history of our agency. Never before has a Coast band been into double figures in bookings be

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Highway View Full Profile >


(51 Reviews)

What a coup to sign these guys exclusively! If you live in West Central Scotland, the chances are you've already heard of Highway. If not, let us intr

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Fyra View Full Profile >


(29 Reviews)

Every once in a while a band comes along that literally stops us in our tracks. We had this experience the first time we watched, Fyra perform. These

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Slinky View Full Profile >


(7 Reviews)

If it's possible to be famous playing covers, this is as close as you'll get to it! For over a decade, Slinky has been one of the most exclusive and

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Transit Jukebox View Full Profile >

Transit Jukebox

(21 Reviews)

Transit Jukebox have been the most highly anticipated band we've ever launched. They've broken the record for the most pre bookings with 21 couples se

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The Plectrums View Full Profile >

The Plectrums

(6 Reviews)

The Plectrums without doubt have the master blue print for guaranteeing a wedding reception or party with a bouncing dance floor and electric atmosphe

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Skyline View Full Profile >


(11 Reviews)

Meet Skyline, one of the most incredible and effortlessly cool bands we've ever seen. This is exactly what our customers are asking for, a band th

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Mojo Switch View Full Profile >

Mojo Switch

(50 Reviews)

The days of the cheesy function band are over! Clients are only booking bands now that sound - and look - like they came off the stage at Glasto

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The Hype View Full Profile >

The Hype

(11 Reviews)

Meet, The Hype. Scotland's most exciting new wedding and party band. We knew we had something special on our hands when these guys first got in touch

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VH5 View Full Profile >


(13 Reviews)

Beyond a bands ability to play and sing really well, it's so important for us that they can perform, and I mean really put on a show for our clients.

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The Man from Delmonte View Full Profile >

The Man from Delmonte

(41 Reviews)

Rock gods The Man from Delmonte are the most exciting band to launch onto the UK wedding and events scene for a generation. Don't let the mohawk and t

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The Hustle View Full Profile >

The Hustle

(30 Reviews)

The Hustle are one of the most versatile acts we represent, delivering the sound and stage show of a fully live band at a fraction of the cost. With f

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The Socials View Full Profile >

The Socials

(45 Reviews)

The Socials are a truly unique take on the modern wedding and events band. With an amazing image, knockout musicianship, and quite frankly 'next level

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The Revues View Full Profile >

The Revues

(4 Reviews)

Meet, The Revues. No other party band ticks so many desirability boxes in such a compact and affordable format. Stunning male and female vocals? Yip,

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Diego View Full Profile >


(44 Reviews)

If you are looking to make a statement at your wedding or event, then look no further than Scotland’s quintessential party band, Diego!With a storied

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Studio View Full Profile >


(49 Reviews)

Meet Studio, the newest addition to our stable of elite cover bands. Booking options for this band range from 5-7 piece and include stunning male and

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The Stewart Reid Band View Full Profile >

The Stewart Reid Band

(131 Reviews)

We could not be more excited to welcome one of the most proven entertainers in the industry to our stable of exclusive acts. The Stewart Reid Band hav

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Platinum Band View Full Profile >

Platinum Band

(26 Reviews)

We're thrilled to introduce you to one of the most accomplished and talented bands we've ever seen. Platinum are a collection of musicians who came to

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Funk Nation View Full Profile >

Funk Nation

(17 Reviews)

Funk Nation are Scotlands most lavish party band. 9 super talented musicians that came together to meet the entertainment requirement of Scotlands mos

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Jukebox Hero View Full Profile >

Jukebox Hero

(34 Reviews)

If you like your bands with a contemporary edge and killer lead male vocals, Jukebox Hero could be just what you're after. This musical phenom are mad

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The Black Ties View Full Profile >

The Black Ties

(18 Reviews)

Six years on from their inception, The Black Ties have the Scottish Wedding and Event market on lockdown! Brides and corporate buyers can't get enough

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Arcadium View Full Profile >


(15 Reviews)

Meet, Arcadium! We've had our eye on this Glasgow based party machine for a while now and are delighted to officially welcome them onto the Coast rost

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The Upbeats View Full Profile >

The Upbeats

(20 Reviews)

The Upbeats bring a fun and energetic dynamic to the modern day covers band. These guys absolutely love what they do and it comes across powerfully ev

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Phoenix View Full Profile >


(43 Reviews)

In an ever more competitive and saturated market, few bands have done as good a job of aligning with what our customers are looking for than Phoenix.

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Little Red View Full Profile >

Little Red

(33 Reviews)

As soon as we heard these guys, we knew we had something very unique and special on our hands and moved quickly to sign them up. Little Red are a

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Addiction View Full Profile >


(32 Reviews)

Ayrshire based super duo Addiction are one of the hottest bands in the country at the moment. This stunning combination of spectacular lead male

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Splendid Gentlemen View Full Profile >

Splendid Gentlemen

(123 Reviews)

We very much see ourselves as Scotland's boutique wedding entertainment agency, representing only the coolest and most in demand acts. With this

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The Avenue View Full Profile >

The Avenue

(7 Reviews)

We're so thrilled to have finally signed The Avenue. Based in Dundee but available to book throughout Scotland, this incredible band are made up of gu

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Cherry Crumble View Full Profile >

Cherry Crumble

(32 Reviews)

If you're looking for a band that can keep a dance floor full and have your guests singing their hearts out to all the classic hits then , Cherry Crum

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The Revel Sparks View Full Profile >

The Revel Sparks

(7 Reviews)

Some of Scotlands most accomplished session musicians have combined to create a super group for Weddings and Events - they're called, The Revel Sparks

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Twist of Fate View Full Profile >

Twist of Fate

(25 Reviews)

A Twist of Fate means "an unanticipated change in a sequence of events", maybe you thought you knew what you were looking for in a band before you lan

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The Unknowns View Full Profile >

The Unknowns

(16 Reviews)

The Unknowns are an incredible Scottish covers band. They have a unique Piano driven sound that differentiates them from every other act on the Coast

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Highland Harmony View Full Profile >

Highland Harmony

(23 Reviews)

Can't decide if you want a high end disco or a live act? Why not have both with, Highland Harmony. WOW your guests and transform your venue into a daz

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Soul Inferno View Full Profile >

Soul Inferno

(59 Reviews)

We are really excited about these guys, they are a super cool and professional pro band. With a lot of 'me too' acts out there, Soul Inferno real

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Keeper Lit View Full Profile >

Keeper Lit

(27 Reviews)

What a coup to get these guys on board! Keeper lit are exactly what clients are looking for right now - a live band that are musically excellent, with

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Danger Zone View Full Profile >

Danger Zone

(7 Reviews)

Five of the best muzo's in the country came together to form a high end party band, specifically for weddings and events. The result was, Danger Zone!

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Ignition View Full Profile >


(41 Reviews)

Ignition can re-create the energy, atmosphere, and stage show of a fully live band... at a fraction of the cost! If you're looking for a fabulous cove

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Carbon Copy View Full Profile >

Carbon Copy

(111 Reviews)

There is such demand just now for great live bands that have a rocky and contemporary vibe, and so we were delighted when the guys from Carbon Copy go

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Amplifive View Full Profile >


(6 Reviews)

An incredible live 5 piece band designed to give you and your guests the ultimate entertainment experience, whatever the occasion.These guys are exper

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Celtic Rouge View Full Profile >

Celtic Rouge

(17 Reviews)

These guys are exactly what the market is screaming out for - young, cool and contemporary covers band with high end players and knockout lead male an

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Life and Soul View Full Profile >

Life and Soul

(1 Reviews)

Life and Soul have the talent and experience to ensure your wedding or event is remembered for years to come, and for all the right reasons! This fant

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Little Symphonies View Full Profile >

Little Symphonies

(35 Reviews)

When God was dishing out musical talent, good looks... and sparkly guitars - these guys were right at the front of the queue! I can't convey to you ho

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Spotlight View Full Profile >


(13 Reviews)

Youth and experience combine here to create one of the most talented and capable party bands in the country. Spotlight are a Glasgow based party duo w

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Rogues Gallery View Full Profile >

Rogues Gallery

(16 Reviews)

These Ayrshire boys are a fabulous addition to the Coast Stable. When brides in West Central Scotland want their wedding reception to be as good as it

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MC4 Band View Full Profile >

MC4 Band

(3 Reviews)

When assembling all your family and friends for an important life event, it's crucial that you get the entertainment right. It's for this reason that

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Modern Vintage Dance Band View Full Profile >

Modern Vintage Dance Band

(6 Reviews)

Modern Vintage Dance Band 

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The Invitations View Full Profile >

The Invitations

(51 Reviews)

If you had to make the perfect wedding band in a lab from scratch, they'd pretty much look and sound like The Invitations. We are holding these guys u

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The Numbers View Full Profile >

The Numbers

(0 Reviews)

Glasgow music legends, The Numbers are one of the standouts of the Coast Roster. Incredible musicianship, knockout twin lead vocals and and a massive

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Fusion View Full Profile >


(16 Reviews)

Musical Fusion at it's best! This Ayrshire based super group are a brilliant addition to the Coast stable - made up of 4 of Ayrshire most talented and

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Katy and The Mooks View Full Profile >

Katy and The Mooks

(2 Reviews)

Every now and then we stumble across something truly special, an act you only find once in a decade. We had one of these moments when we originally we

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Something Blue View Full Profile >

Something Blue

(12 Reviews)

We are really excited to introduce you to one of our latest signing's - Something Blue tick every single box in today's competitive Wedding entertainm

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