Terms & Conditions


Please read carefully our terms and conditions document, which will apply to every booking taken by this agency. These terms and conditions apply to both the client and the entertainer.

Private - Direct Entertainment Bookings

As Coast Entertainments Ltd effectively acts as an employment agency, our involvement in any agreement is strictly as a negotiator of terms between the client and the entertainer.

Coast Entertainments Ltd take every possible precaution to ensure agreements are fulfilled between the client and the client, however we can not be held accountable for breach of any contract.


We issue a written contract to confirm the details of every booking. This document constitutes a legally binding contract which includes the following non negotiable Terms & Conditions. By singing the contract both the client and the entertainer formally agree to be bound by it's contents.


Coast Entertainments Ltd service is free to clients, We generate income by charging the entertainer a 15% percentage fee for obtaining and dealing with all matters relating to the booking. Some agents, in addition to fees taken from the entertainer, also charge you the client an administration fee. We are pleased to say that our service remains free to clients, and that we apply NO additional charges whatsoever.

Coast Entertainments Ltd require private clients to pay a deposit when booking entertainment for Weddings, private functions etc. This deposit is normally the equivalent of 15% + VAT of the overall fee. This deposit is non refundable Deposits must be received by us before we can issue any contract or agreement between the client and the entertainer.

Final Balance

The balance must be paid to Coast Entertainments Ltd via bank transfer at least 2 weeks prior to function.

Changes to Agreement

Should the client choose to change the venue or date of their event, the agent and entertainer will endevour to accommodate the changes, however if the entertiner is unavaiable on the new propsed date or the venue is deemed unsuitable by the entertainer or agent, the booking will be cancelled and the cancellation terms will apply.


In the unlikely event of the entertainer cancelling the agreement due to Force Majeure, the entertainer shall inform the agent as soon as they become aware of the force majeure event. The agent shall notify the client as soon as possible.

Coast Entertainments Ltd will endeavour to offer the client an alternative entertainer of similar size, style and cost. We will make all reasonable attempts to provide a suitable replacement. Should a suitable replacement not be found or the replacement not be acceptable to the client, the agent agrees to refund the client the deposit and any further fee's already paid by the client.

Our contract agreements are designed to offer protection to both the entertainer and the client. The client reserves the right to cancel a contract agreement, however the following charges will apply.

If You Cancel

0-30 Days from engagement 100% of the remaining balance

31-60 Days from engagement 75% of the remaining balance

61-90 Days from engagement 60% of the remaining balance

91-120 Days from engagement 50% of the remaining balance

121 + Days (Deposit Fee Only)

The above cancellation fees are an important part of our agreement and are accepted by the client on receipt of our contract. All cancellation fees must be paid within 10 days of cancelling the engagement.

The entertainer may only cancel an agreement due to Force Majeure. If the entertainer cancels due to circumstances not related to Force Majeure, the entertainer must compensate Coast Entertainments Ltd a fee the equivelant to the deposit paid by the client.

Performance Times

All of our bands are booked to play between set hours. For evening receptions and functions these hours are normally between the 8pm - Midnight with a 30 minute break.

Please note that contracted start times are based on the band having access to the performance area approx 1 hour before the contracted start time. Please note that the band are not responsible for hotel overruns and are not obliged to play beyond the contracted finish time.

Use of Deputy Performer

The entertainers will perform using their standard group of performers as advertised to the agent and the client, unless otherwise agreed by the agent and the client in advance. In the event of entertainer member illness or serious injury, the entertainers reserve the right to use deputy performers, that are the same standard and pprofessional competance as the original performer. The deputy performer will have good knowledge of the entertainers set list and represent the entertainers to the same high standard expected by the agent and the client.

Contracts & Agreements

Every Coast Entertainments, verbal agreement is formalised with a written contract. This protects both you the client and the entertainer. On receipt of our contract, the document should be signed via Echo Sign.. Please note that you can not cancel any agreement by not returning the signed contract.

Business and Corporate Clients

When dealing with businesses or orgainisations, Coast Entertainments Ltd will act as an employment business and is party to the contract as the provder of entertainment. This is normally where an organisation requires to be sent an invoice for the entertainment purchased. In this case Coast Entertainments Ltd will invoice the client.

Our business and corporate clients are also subject to our terms and conditions. The only exception is Business or corporate clients may not have to pay a deposit fee to secure an entertainer.

In the event of us agreeing with a client to provide an entertainer and subsequently invoice them after the engagement takes place, the client must settle our invoice strictly within 28 Days.

Business or corporate clients should afford us the courtesy of re-booking any entertainer provided by us through Coast Entertainments Ltd