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How much time do you need for set up & sound check?

The booking paperwork designates 1 hour from our arrival at the venue to first dance. 

If your wedding is running slightly behind schedule we can get the timings back on track with a fast set up that takes 35 minutes. 

What are your standard performance times?

8pm to midnight with a break.

I'm not sure what my timings are going to be yet, is there any flexibility on the standard timings?

Yes, increasingly functions are featuring different types of entertainment, whether that be DJ sets, Ibiza Sax sections, Ceilidh, Mr & Mrs Games, pub style quizzes. 

If you have a specific idea in mind for the timings, just let us know and we can do our best to give you the best possible night. 

How long do you take for your break? Are you able to play background music during this time?

The break usually is usually dictated by the speed of the buffet. On an average wedding 30-40 minutes. As soon as the buffet queue has gone and the rolls have disappeared off the plates, then we will be ready to go!

Can I pick the songs that you'll play on the night?

We respond to the energy on the dance floor and select songs in real time, based on what is going down well. 

By all means let us know anything you love or hate, and we will do our best to include/skip these bands/artists. 

Will you learn our first dance if it's a song that you don't already know?

Absolutely. We will learn whatever song you like, even obscure versions are fine!

 If you did have a very particular song in mind, we usually ask you to send us a Youtube clip of the version you want, then the band will replicate this exact arrangement. 

Can you take any requests on the night?

If we can play something for you then we will 😊.

My venue has a 1am license, do you offer an extension to keep the night going until then?

We offer a DJ set option (dependant on your venue location) to keep the night going until 1am.

Do you offer any other add-on options?

We can add in a live sax player, a live fiddle player a DJ set dependant on your venue location. 

In the past we have also offered an acoustic duo for the ceremony and signing of the register. 

More information about these add-ons are on request. 

Is all of the equipment (e.g. PA & lighting) included in your quote?

Yes, all we need is a plug point at the venue, we bring absolutely everything with us in the van. 

What do you think your clients love most about your performances?

The vocals and the speed between songs. We have no gaps at all between songs and this is the number 1 way to keep your dance floor jam packed. 

As we have multiple song vocalists, we can switch lead male and female vocals and it keeps everyone fresh and energetic when performing, there is no 'hang on a minute' in between tunes, it's song song song and no one leaves the floor.

Which artists are you most influenced by?

Artists and songs that make you dance! 

We have been doing this for over 10 years now and while we all have our own influences, as a band things are really simple - a good song is a song that is gonna get people up dancing, these are the songs we love and genre, style, release date matters less.

 If there are types of artists you love or hate, then let us know and we can do our best to include/skip these kinds of songs. 

Can you provide a ceilidh set? If so, could you give us more info about this - how long does it last, what instruments do you play, can you call the dances for our guests?

We provide a live ceilidh experience with live drums, keys, bass and guitar along with a custom recorded fiddle track. This can be supplemented with a live fiddle player for an additional fee. 

We recommend that the ceilidh is spread through the night if you would like a ceilidh element to your function. 

In the past when we played a 'ceilidh set' at the start of the night, many dancers wanted to get a drink, catch their breath rather than immediately go into another ceilidh dance, so by interspersing the ceilidh throughout the night we keep the dance floor busier for longer without any gaps and our hardened ceilidh dancers are well rested for each dance. 

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