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DJ Gregor Baird View Full Profile >

DJ Gregor Baird

(5 Reviews)

Gregor is one of our most important DJ's and is the guy we turn to every year when our biggest clients need a knock out Disco for their Chri

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DJ Bobby Coates View Full Profile >

DJ Bobby Coates

(3 Reviews)

This guy has done it all! Bobby Coates has become a bi-word for Quality in the disco market for the last 35 years. Bobby is known for the quality of h

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DJ Sean Hanlon View Full Profile >

DJ Sean Hanlon

(12 Reviews)

Introducing Sean Hanlon: The Maestro of Memorable Moments and 2024 Confetti Awards finalist!

With a passion for creating unforgettable experiences and a knack for bringing people together on the dance floor, Sean Hanlon is a wedding and party DJ who knows how to transform any event into an extraordinary celebration. Armed with an impressive arsenal of top-of-the-line sound and lighting equipment, coupled with his engaging personality and confident presence, Sean has earned a reputation as the go-to DJ for those seeking an unforgettable soirée.

From the moment he steps behind the decks, Sean’s infectious energy electrifies the atmosphere, setting the tone for an epic night of celebration. With an extensive music library spanning all genres and eras, Sean effortlessly blends tracks, crafting seamless transitions that keep the dance floor pulsating with energy. Whether it's an elegant wedding reception or a high-energy corporate party, Sean's expertly curated playlists cater to diverse tastes and ensure that every guest finds themselves moving to the beat.

Beyond his prowess as a DJ, Sean's natural ability as an MC sets him apart from the rest. His confident and charismatic presence on the microphone guarantees a smooth and engaging flow throughout the event. Seamlessly transitioning from introducing key moments to facilitating interactive activities, Sean captivates the crowd, making each person feel like an integral part of the celebration.

One of Sean's greatest strengths lies in his dedication to delivering a customized experience for every client. Through thoughtful consultations and meticulous planning, he understands the unique vision and preferences of each couple or event organizer, ensuring that their musical preferences and desired ambiance are reflected throughout the entire evening. Sean's attention to detail and commitment to excellence have earned him rave reviews from delighted clients, who praise his ability to turn their dreams into reality.

With Sean Hanlon at the helm, your wedding or party is bound to become an unforgettable affair. So, get ready to dance the night away, lose yourself in the music, and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. When it comes to creating magical moments and transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences, Sean Hanlon is the name to remember.

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DJ Robbie Kay View Full Profile >

DJ Robbie Kay

(0 Reviews)
  • Professional set up
  • Experienced DJ
  • 1000's of songs to choose from
  • Interactive DJ
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