Are you a band or musical act? Looking for more gigs? Playing Weddings and Events? That pay well?

If the answer is yes, ...we've been looking for you!

With a background in performing ourselves, we understand all too well the challenges of trying to find new gigs while juggling; family, the day job, and finding time to perfect your craft.

Coast Entertainments was created to unleash the financial potential of musicians, turning the traditional agency model on its head and replacing it with a radical new suite of support services that allow musicians and entertainers to maximise their income pursuing their passion. A true partnership of equals leveraging each other's skills to work towards a common goal ...more gigs!

That was a fancy way of saying, we hired a; Website Developer, Sales Team, Digital Marketing Expert, Admin Manager, World-Class Video Guy you don't have to!

Over the last nine years, we've gone on to become one of the largest entertainment agencies in the UK and Ireland, processing thousands of bookings and generating millions of pounds worth of revenue each year for our acts.

We've turned many of our managed acts into some of the highest earners In the game.

We're a team of entertainment professionals committed to creating opportunities for our acts. We're not a directory site that will set anyone up, we have high standards and are only looking to work with the best.

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