Wedding Band Showcase's and how to get the most out them

Wedding Band Showcase's and how to get the most out them

22 October 2014

As many of you already know we host the busiest, most frequent, and best Wedding Band Showcases in Scotland. With over 50 successful events behind us we’ve gained powerful insights into what makes a great wedding band showcase. We’ve listed some tips below to make sure you maximise the event and hopefully come away with the dream live band for your wedding

  1. Is the venue suitable and does it have parking?

We’ve seen our competitors make every mistake in the book, from booking community centres and pubs with terrible acoustics and no parking, to venues that don’t have disabled access and that you can’t bring kids along to. All of our showcase events are in 4 or 5 star hotels, close to all the major transport routes, and with good / free parking available. We always use high end function suites with good acoustics and lighting and all our venues have access for disabled people...You can even bring the kids along if babysitters are in short supply!

  1. Who’s playing and who’s free?

Have a look on the website at which bands are playing at the showcase and carefully go through their profiles and make sure you’re interested in them before going along. Importantly you want to check from the bands that are playing who’s still free for your date. If not you could end up spending a lot of time travelling to one of these events only to find out that all the bands playing are unavailable for your date

  1. Who’s equipment are they using?

This is an important one! Our competitors regularly hire in one high end PA and Lighting system on the night ensuring everyone looks and sounds a million bucks, but thats not the equipment they’re going to turn up with at your wedding. In some cases it’s going to be a couple of little speakers and 1 or 2 twinkly lights. Always get the agent to level with you on what PA and Lighting the band will actually use at your event. At our showcases we insist that the bands bring all their own equipment so you can hear and view them as you would at your wedding

  1. Is that the actual lineup that will play at my wedding?

At other showcases you may see a band you like, but what you don’t realise is that 2 out of the 4 members are just standing in that night to help the band out, in our game these are called (dep players) Always get the band / agent to confirm if that is the exact lineup of players that will perform at your event. At our own wedding band showcases we insist that the bands have a settled lineup and perform as that so you know exactly what you’re booking

  1. Should i book the band at the event or not?

If you see a band playing live at a showcase that you like and you’ve got the right answers to the questions above, we would strongly suggest you follow through and make the booking on the night. We’ve lost count of the number of times a client has came back the next day to book a band only to find out that someone booked them at the event the previous night. Wedding Bands, like venues get booked really far in advance (typically 18 months to 2 years) At our showcases you can secure any band on the night with a £100 reservation fee. This gives you peace of mind that the date is locked down and you dont need to worry about them getting booked elsewhere

So watch out for our next Wedding Band Showcase in Scotland. We represent some of the best bands in the country and love showing them off on a regular basis to potential new clients. Click on the link above to find out when our next event is
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