5 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Entertainment For Your Wedding

5 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Entertainment For Your Wedding

08 October 2014

Finding the right entertainment for your wedding can be daunting, with a million websites out there all claiming to be the best it can be tough knowing who to trust. This is a crucial purchase for your wedding as it’s the number one thing your guests will remember /  talk about long after its all over. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 mistakes people make to help you avoid these pitfalls when organising the entertainment for your own wedding

My friends a musician / plays in a band, he’s going to do it

There are one or two exceptions to the rule, but by in large this is a bad idea and the quickest way to spoil a great personal friendship. If for example the act had to cancel or if there was an issue on the night, all these scenarios can cause tension and frustrations to spill over into your personal life. In general its better to leave your entertainment to trained professionals who do this for a living. That way if any issues arise you can have a frank discussion without worrying about the collateral damage on your personal life.

Dont choose a really niche band for your wedding

Although you may love Pink Floyd B sides, your wee granny and aunties probably won’t. Its best to choose a band that can cover a wide range of musical tastes to ensure all your guests can enjoy and participate fully in your night. Make sure you look at the bands set list and that they can play a good range of classic and contemporary covers with the emphasis on fun and danceability.

Don’t book a band because they’re really cheap

It’s not always the case that the more expensive a band is the better they’ll be. If however a band is disproportionately inexpensive, in most cases there’s normally a reason for that...Nuff Said!

Don’t book a band that’s too big / small for your venue

Its important to think about your venue and choose a band that can fit into the set up space available. Also from an aesthetics point of view there’s just something that doesn’t look right when the band is clearly too big or small for a venue

Don’t wait after finding your perfect band

I’ve literally lost count of the amount of times we had a client who liked a band and knew they wanted to book, then by the time they get round to doing so the band had been booked elsewhere. As i write this, we’re literally taking bookings everyday for 2022 and even a few for 2023, so if you see a band you like, secure them asap with a small reservation fee to avoid disappointment

We’ve matched 1000’s of clients with the perfect live entertainment for their wedding, we only work with the most talented / professional acts in the industry and we know all the pitfalls to avoid. Don’t leave one of the most important nights of your life in the hands of amateurs, when it absolutely has to be right, book with Coast...The Wedding Entertainment Experts!
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