3 Most Common Wedding Entertainment Questions

3 Most Common Wedding Entertainment Questions

25 September 2014

What happens if my band gets sick or injured?

In the unlikely event of the band being struck down with illness or injury we guarantee to never leave you without entertainment. Because we have a base of over 100 bands we always have people on standby at the weekend just incase. Although most agencies will say they can offer this, in reality they can’t as they generally work with a smaller roster of bands. In fact we regularly take calls from colleagues in the industry to provide cover if one of their bands can’t make a gig for these reasons

Can the band do Ceilidh and or provide a disco set?

All of our bands will be able to play a short ceilidh set within their overall covers material, this can vary from 20 mins to over 1hr depending on the band. All of our bands will be able to provide a disco set for you. This would normally be if you needed your night extended beyond 12pm. They would play this from a laptop using their own PA and Lighting system

I want to see the band play live?

Although we have live video footage for most of our bands, we also host the busiest and best wedding band showcase events in the country, where you can view 6 of the best bands in the industry on the one night. We hold these approx every 8 weeks throughout central Scotland

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